“We scale profitable investments and shape sustainable change.”

The RenerVest Group is actively shaping the transition to a sustainable, resource-conserving economy for the meaningful combination of value creation and quality of life for people today and tomorrow. This transition is characterized by a switch from fossil fuels to sustainably produced electrical energy with intelligent sector coupling, in particular heat and mobility.

The RenerVest Group establishes and invests in companies that think, act, cooperate and enable precisely these interfaces based on the core competence of “energy”.

It forms the strategically leading, value-based framework for its investments, which is reflected in its name and claim.

Mathias Mader

Managing Director / CEO

The companies of the RenerVest Group

The RenerVest Group is made up of specialized companies that are jointly driving forward the energy transition. Here we introduce you to our partners, whose expertise and innovation contribute significantly to the success of our sustainable projects.

The companies of the RenerVest Group

actensys GmbH

Photovoltaic EPC for North and South

17 years of experience
Over 6500 projects
Over 750 actively monitored systems

actensys offers customers in all three market segments of photovoltaics
(Residential, Commercial and Utility) the profitable implementation of an independent, local, climate-neutral and economical energy supply.

actensys makes sustainable action easy by enabling its customers to implement photovoltaic projects regardless of their previous knowledge and skills. The complex project management is seamless from the idea to implementation and operation.

With its “true all-in-one” service package, actensys sets itself apart from the competition.

T.Werk GmbH

Manufacturer for PV mounting systems

12 years of experience
15 GW installed capacity
Over 6000 projects

T.Werk offers the right mounting system solution for almost every PV project. Open spaces, foil roofs, green roofs, trapezoidal roofs, tiled roofs, folded roofs, facades…

T.Werk makes PV assembly easier and more economical. The installation systems are very easy to work with and the training period is minimal. This allows installers to save capacity and handle projects more efficiently.

T.Werk combines product quality with depth of service, making it the preferred partner for planning offices from inspection, planning, design and consulting to the preparation of the necessary expert reports (statics, soil, wind suction, snow load, acceptance, etc.).

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RenerVest Crowdfunding will support PV projects from the beginning of 2023, in particular citizen energy in economic feasibility studies and crowd financing. The banking and technology partner is Portagon, which also operates the DKB and GLS crowdfunding platforms.

RenExpert GmbH

The competence center for renewable energies

2350 MWp Project participation
Over 450 projects
17 years of experience

As an independent and holistic competence center for renewable energies, RenExpert helps people to make the right decisions.
With this help, projects relating to photovoltaics and renewable energy are successfully tackled and implemented.

Whether local authorities, companies, investors, architects, planners or system installers – from feasibility studies and tenders to expert opinions, RenExpert provides support at all levels and ensures quality.

meingrünstrom GmbH

Platform for the fair distribution of sustainably generated energy

meingrünstrom provides tariffs and billing systems. For example, meingrünstrom enables companies to provide charging stations for their customers without having to deal with the complexity of billing.

JARVIS IT Services GmbH

IT specialist for managed IT services

As a “Managed Service Provider”, JARVIS IT provides support with the procurement of your hardware, the maintenance of your IT infrastructure and the provision of 1st/2nd level IT support. Of course, it also provides support with important issues such as data protection or IT and data security.

Looking at possible cost optimization of your system processes and technology can also be very exciting. For companies with 50 or more employees, the EU NIS2 directive and the associated IT security requirements are a relevant topic.

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